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Massage  Lotion

Massage Lotion

Massage Lotion


Advanced Protein For Healing Skin: Made from an advanced and concentrated protein formula Lotion heals and replenish dry skin better than your typical spa lotions.

Rich Formula Retains Moisture Better: Penetrating through many layers of skin, this pedicure lotion locks in moisture. Clients get silky smooth skin that lasts longer!

Special Blend of Proteins: Massage lotion is made from a special blend of collagen, elastin, and botanical proteins that restore skin tone and texture.

Warm & Soothing Relaxation Therapy: Creates a warm, soothing sensation that relaxes aching feet and tired muscles. Use on feet and body too.

For Best Results: Pair this massaging lotion with LaPalm Coconut Cream Pedicure Foot Mask to offer an even more luxurious pedicure experience.