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Professional Nail Brush, crafted to deliver a smooth and precise acrylic application for flawless nail enhancements. Made from 100% Kolinsky hair, each brush features a vibrant pink color with a glitter ferrule and comes with a protective cap for convenient storage and protection.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Quality: Our nail brush is made from 100% Kolinsky hair, known for its resilience, flexibility, and ability to hold acrylic liquids efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  2. Smooth Application: The fine bristles of our brush enable smooth and precise application of acrylic, allowing for effortless sculpting and shaping of nail enhancements with exceptional control and precision.
  3. Glitter Ferrule: The glitter ferrule adds a touch of sparkle and elegance to the brush, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and making it a stylish addition to your nail art toolkit.
  4. Protective Cap: Each brush comes with a protective cap to keep the bristles clean and in shape, prolonging the lifespan of the brush and ensuring hygienic storage between uses.
  5. Multiple Sizes: Available in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16, our nail brush offers versatility to suit different nail lengths and shapes, catering to the diverse needs of professional nail technicians.

Elevate your acrylic nail application with our Professional Nail Brush, designed to deliver exceptional performance and precision for stunning nail enhancements.