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50 pcs -Star charm

50 pcs -Star charm



50-Piece Star Charms Set, meticulously crafted from durable resin material to elevate your nail art creations. With a variety of colors included, these charming star-shaped embellishments offer endless creative possibilities for your manicures.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Resin Construction: Each star charm is made from high-quality resin, ensuring resilience and longevity to adorn your nails beautifully.
  2. Varied Color Selection: The set includes an array of colors, allowing you to mix and match to achieve unique and eye-catching nail designs.
  3. Effortless Application: Applying our star charms is simple and hassle-free:
    • Start by preparing your nails with a base coat and your desired nail polish color.
    • Using gel rhinestone glue, apply a small amount to the back of the star charm.
    • While the glue is still tacky, delicately position the charm onto your nail using tweezers.
    • Gently press down to secure the charm in place.
    • Cure the gel glue under a UV or LED lamp as per the manufacturer's instructions to ensure a long-lasting bond.
    • Finish by sealing the charm with a top coat to preserve its brilliance and protect it from everyday wear.

Transform your nail art with our 50-Piece Star Charms Set, designed to inspire creativity and add a touch of celestial elegance to your manicures. Shop now and let your nails shine bright like stars!